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Banks must rethink digital banking says Accenture

16 July 2014

Banks must rethink digital banking says Accenture

Surprising changes in customer behaviour suggests that banks need to revisit their approach to branch banking and digital services, according to a new study by Accenture.
The Accenture figures report the opposite of what might have been expected: customers are using bank branches more often, with 52% of customers now using a branch monthly compared to just 43% three years ago.

"The rising use of branches presents a real opportunity for banks to connect with customers on a more personal level," read the report. While self-service transactions now account for the majority of activity, Accenture notes that many customers making deposits prefer to do so through a customer advisor than an ATM. At least one customer in five performed a 'value added' transaction on their last visit, meaning that banks have a good opportunity to cross sell.

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