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Six in 10 customers have ditched a company because of bad call centres, research reveals

14 March 2012

The poll by Natterbox, the voice services company, found that Internet providers were the most unpopular, with one in five respondents (22 per cent) saying they had cancelled their services because of a frustrating phone experience.  Mobile phone companies came in second place, with 20 per cent of frazzled customers withdrawing their custom.

Telephone companies (15 per cent), energy suppliers (13 per cent) and banks (10 per cent) had also seen their customers go elsewhere.  In total, 62 per cent of UK consumers had cancelled some kind of service because of a poor telephone experience.

The survey also revealed that despite the boom in social media customer service, telephone contact was still the favourite method for UK consumers. Almost two-thirds (64 per cent) of respondents said they preferred to communicate with a company by phone, compared with 28 per cent choosing email. By contrast, just four per cent said they preferred to use Twitter to contact customer service departments.