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A truly refreshing approach

ContactPartners' Engagement Cycle has been designed to ensure you're happy with our solutions and the way we work.  Uniquely, it's also been designed to deliver clear direction and demonstrate value before you incur costs.


Engage, Listen and Learn

We start by understanding your customer contact requirements and the tangible benefits you aspire to achieve. Together, we'll explore your broader business strategy, goals and objectives. This strategic perspective firmly in hand, we'll then consider the various components of customer contact; making sure that each is considered within the context of your overall objectives. We'll do what we need to in order to suggest a way forward - and you won't even pay a penny.

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Share and Suggest

We'll generously apply specialist intelligence and technological insight and provide you with considered ideas and potential solutions. We'll suggest strategic direction and any required process changes and technology investments. Everything we propose will be designed to achieve the best business outcomes whilst keeping existing investments, cost and risk firmly in check. You'll benefit from incisive insight and credible potential ways forward - and you still won't have to pay a penny.

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Demonstrate Understanding

We understand that your customers are the lifeblood of your organisation and that you may wish to test a solution before rolling it out across live customer operations. That's why we frequently build a prototype, run a 'proof of concept' or conduct a pilot in a non-critical business area. We'll work with you to make sure all stakeholders are comfortable as we move forwards, and, it goes without saying that we will provide access to reference clients, wherever appropriate. Last but not least, we'll do everything in our power to minimise your initial outlay and provide cost transparency and predictability.

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Agree roadmap

Only when you’re comfortable with the high level way forwards and the performance of any ‘proof of concept’ will we prepare a detailed and robust roadmap that dovetails seamlessly with our Results Methodology. Together we’ll set the right objectives – now and in the context of your longer term objectives - and agree success criteria, key deliverables, costs and timeframes; building in 3rd parties as appropriate. We’ll be your primary interface throughout our engagement, manage all 3rd parties and create joint project teams and a proactive communications plan. In short, we’ll do everything we can to deliver rapid and compelling ROI.

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Stay Close

Unlike many service and solutions providers, we don't consider the job 'done' when your signature's on the dotted line. For us, this is the start of a key phase in the relationship and one in which we will seek to deliver continuous improvement and cement your trust in us. We'll keep you informed appropriately and in line with your expectations, and, last but not least, we'll make sure you are kept abreast of emerging technologies and solutions that will help you stay ahead of the game.

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