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Improving call answer rates and customer satisfaction for Norwich & Peterborough

"ContactPartners has helped us achieve significant improvements in call answer rates and customer satisfaction," explains Chris Burke, Resource and Planning Manager.

Managing calling peaks in a busy contact centre can be challenging.  ContactPartners helped us rise to the challenge by implementing "QueueBuster" - intelligent call management technology which invites callers to leave their contact details and then hang up, before joining the queue on the customer's behalf and calling them back once an agent becomes available.

Operational benefits have also been compelling.  Advisors are more engaged as they feel they are doing a better job for customers and shift planning is much easier as small, planned and unplanned rises in call volumes can be managed without increasing staffing levels and incurring unnecessary expense.

Last but not least, ContactPartners' deep understanding of customer contact and how to leverage technology to optimise the customer experience is impressive and their working style makes them a trusted and valued partner."


Chris Burke, Resource and Planning Manager