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Enhancing the John Lewis Insurance customer experience

"Life assurance products are typically harder to sell than other insurance products and need handling sensitively.  In addition, customer trust and confidence are 'top of mind' for John Lewis and we work tirelessly to achieve these across our entire product line and by delivering appropriate customer service," explains Jeremy Thomas, Operations Business Analyst, John Lewis Financial Services. 

In this context, John Lewis approached ContactPartners for help to enhance customer service for its life assurance product line.  ContactPartners deployed robust click-through connectivity from the website direct to the contact centre, enabling potential customers to request a date and time for John Lewis to contact them to discuss life assurance products in more detail.

"We are confident that our call back capability has helped break down some of the barriers of life assurance sales.  ContactPartners swiftly grasped the specifics of our requirement and helped us to deliver enhanced customer contact capabilities for our life assurance customers - the team is knowledgeable, reliable and responds quickly at all times," concludes Jeremy.


Jeremy Thomas, Operations Business Analyst